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There is always the constant presence of certain appliances in the home that makes every home lively. They are more of a necessity, rather than a luxury, as their usefulness is quite a common knowledge.

Television, for example, can be found in every home. Doesn’t matter if the occupiers are in the upper, middle, or lower class of the society. The presence of Television is so essential in making the home very lively.

Nija Live will be creating an opportunity for individuals to win some electrical and electronics items that would be useful in the home. The essence is to help people who want to acquire these items get them with ease.

Electrical and Electronics items to be listed on the platform

Television, Digital Camera, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Refrigerator, Deep Freezer, Digital satellite decoder, Inverter, Video Games and controllers, Bluetooth wireless speaker, Home Theather, Car GPRS tracking system, Printer, Photocopier, Projector, Laptop, desktop computer, Washing Machine, cookers and ovens, Vacuum cleaners, Blenders, Microwaves, Electric kettle.

These items would be sourced from the best brands in the UK, US, Germany, and other top European manufacturers. Quality is our number one priority and we ensure all our registered members who eventually get to win our weekly draws.

New electrical and electronics products will be frequently added to the list, to reflect the needs of our members. All information regarding new electrical and electronics items added will be posted on our official website, Facebook Page.

Warranty assurance

Every winner on the Nija Live platform should note that all electrical and electronic items won on the platform, come with a one year warranty. This means that in the event of the item not working properly, or it getting damaged while been shipped to winners, it will be replaced at no extra cost.

Why not go ahead, register on the platform, and stand a chance of winning that beautiful electrical and electronic item you’ve always craved for. It’s free to participate and stand a chance to win. For details about this amazing opportunity and more, kindly visit 

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