Registration on the Nija Live platform is one of the simplest tasks. All you simply need to do is visit the website On the top right corner, you will see Login or Register Icon. Click on the icon and a new page will pop up. Select REGISTER. When you select REGISTER, it will bring up different fields containing details to be filled: Username, Email, Password, Confirm Password. Fill these fields and click REGISTER.

The platform is strictly for those based in Nigeria. If you are not from Nigeria, but based in Nigeria, you are free to register, as long as you can fill in your details and have all the necessary data required.

Winners are announced immediately after the draw is made. The names of winners will be displayed on the Nija Live platform and our Facebook and Twitter Page

NO! Do not let anyone to decisive you. None of the team members can manipulate the Nija Live Winning system.  The system uses google random picker tools, thus, the determination of the WINNER in any competition is far beyond the reach of any human intervention.

Prizes are specially ordered from the UK, US, and Canada and are forwarded to the Solarex Nigeria Ltd office in Abuja and Port Harcourt. Winners are contacted immediately after the competition ends and are presented with their prizes within 1-2 weeks of been announced as winners and the presentation will be formally documented in video and pictures.

Yes. The Nija Live offices will be located in FCT, Abuja, and Port Harcourt Rivers State.

Registration is free, but to enter for any of the competition is not free. You need to purchase a ticket for you to be eligible to enter any of the competitions. The ticket amount will be boldly displayed at the bottom of any of the items you wish to enter for.

There are two ways you can pay for your ticket. The first option is via Direct Bank transfer, while the second option is via Debit/Credit Card.

Winners are selected via an automated process. The Nija Live automated system is responsible for picking winners. As soon as the ticket sales end, the draw begins and the automated system starts the process of selecting a winner. The process is usually transparent and devoid of any human interference.

Multiple accounts are allowed as long as they are created using a different email address. You cannot create two accounts using the same email address.

There are no limits to the number of competitions you can enter. You are free to enter as many competitions as you so wish, as long as you can buy the ticket for each competition category.

The ticket amount is not fixed but determined by the category you select. For example, the ticket amount for a product in the electronics category may be different from the ticket amount for a product in the fashion category.

Yes. Nija Live is a registered company of Solarex Energy Ltd, Nigeria. We are a real company and real people.

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